Sera Ghadaki_About


SERA GHADAKI is a design atelier for garments, environments and architectural design with purpose. 

Launched in 2011 with a collection of one-of-a-kind scarves, the brand creates made-to-order and limited run pieces that are genderless, seasonless, and full of unexpected structure. Every collection is a visual narrative that explores connections between art, design, and emerging technologies in a sustainable manner emphasizing natural textiles and custom prints. 

SERA GHADAKI has been featured by Vogue, FSHN Unlimited, Fashion Art Toronto, Not Just A Label, and Archinect among others. 


Sera Ghadaki is a Canadian multi-disciplinary designer based in New York. Initially a self taught fashion designer, she began making her own clothing at 15 as a form of self-expression to counter mass-produced clothing. Her passion to impact people through design led her to architecture, and she received her M.Arch from Pratt Institute in 2018.

Her work is inspired by the similarities and tensions between fashion and architecture in unconventional ways - taking fundamental principles of each discipline and incorporating one into the other.

For all inquiries, email info@seraghadaki.com.