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A design atelier for gar­ments, objects, and archi­tec­tural design with purpose.

SERA GHADAKI's made-to-order and limited edition pieces merge artistic expression with eco-conscious practices - repurposing unclaimed materials, employing circular design, and exploring concepts around identity and materiality. Each garment integrates custom textiles and distinct design elements through a bold, minimalist aesthetic.

The brand's holistic approach combines innovative material research with responsible production methods to redefine luxury as intelligent, sustainable design imbued with meaning. By preventing overproduction and waste, SERA GHADAKI pioneers a new relationship between fashion, the built environment, and environmental impact.

SERA GHADAKI has been featured by Vogue, No Kill Magazine, Fashion Art Toronto, and Not Just A Label among others. 


Sera Ghadaki is a Canadian fashion and architectural designer based in New York. Initially a self taught fashion designer, she began making her own clothing as a form of self-expression to counter mass-produced clothing.

Her interest in the design of multiple scales that is centered around people - particularly underrepresented populations - led her to an architectural education, and she received her M.Arch from Pratt Institute.Her work is inspired by the similarities and tensions between fashion and architecture in unconventional ways - taking fundamental principles of each discipline and incorporating one into the other.


Architectural and Interior Design

Personal Styling

Sustainable Design Strategy

Textile and Material Design


Sera is a founding member of WIP Collaborative, a shared feminist practice focused on research and design projects that engage community and the public realm.


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Sustainability is incorporated into every facet of our process, from material sourcing to manufacturing and packaging. We're pioneering a new standard of mindful fashion through:


- Innovation of self-made low-waste biomaterials made from food-grade ingredients

- Adaptive reuse of thread and fabric scraps to create one-of-a-kind textiles and sculpted pieces

- Partnering with Spoonflower and Contrado for custom printed textiles using low-waste, made-to-order production and non-toxic inks

- Local and ethical sourcing of natural fibers including organic cotton, silk, and linen

Responsible Production

- Local pattern making and sample development

- Made-to-order and limited batch manufacturing to prevent overproduction

- Circular design principles and zero-waste practices (ie. collecting thread scrap from production to create custom textiles, saving all fabric scraps for future projects)

Eco-Conscious Packaging & Distribution

- Compostable, recyclable and reusable packaging materials

Garment Longevity

- Timeless designs to transcend trends

- High-quality construction for years of wear

- Care guides to properly maintain pieces