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Draping Bioplastic

What if the materials we use to create garments were not just zero-waste, but actually biodegradable?

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In this ongoing experiment, homemade bioplastics are crafted into wearable sculptures. The process involves mixing organic materials like edible rice paper into a pliable state, then draping and molding them around forms with edible rice paper.

As the material cures, striking shapes emerge - glass-like shells with dynamic folds draped bodices frozen in motion. More than just clothing, these bioplastic wearables are sculptural pieces that reimagine sustainable fashion.

This exploration at the intersection of fashion, art, and biomaterials continues to unfold, continuously innovating how we think about and use materials for clothing.

The material exploration is a collaboration with Haya Alnibari, and our shared experiments were featured at the Pratt 2024 Research Open House.