Sera Ghadaki_About


SERA GHADAKI is a design atelier for garments, environments and architectural design with purpose. 

Launched in 2011 with a collection of one-of-a-kind scarves, the brand creates made-to-order and limited run pieces that are genderless, seasonless, and adaptable. Every collection is a visual narrative that explores connections between art, material innovation, and ideas of identity in a sustainable manner emphasizing natural textiles and custom prints. 

SERA GHADAKI has been featured by Vogue, No Kill Magazine, Fashion Art Toronto, and Not Just A Label among others. 

Sera Ghadaki is a Canadian fashion and architectural designer based in New York. Initially a self taught fashion designer, she began making her own clothing as a form of self-expression to counter mass-produced clothing. Her interest in the design of multiple scales that is centered around people - particularly underrepresented populations - led her to an architectural education, and she received her M.Arch from Pratt Institute.

Her work is inspired by the similarities and tensions between fashion and architecture in unconventional ways - taking fundamental principles of each discipline and incorporating one into the other.

Sera is a founding member of WIP Collaborative, a shared feminist practice focused on research and design projects that engage community and the public realm. 

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